Hermosa Beach, CA

Hermosa Beach sits on the Santa Monica Bay between Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach.  When we saw this listing looking for a house and dog sitter for 5 days in Hermosa Beach, we knew it was something that we wanted to do.  The two level house sits only two blocks back from the beach and has a very nice view of the ocean.


The dog we took care of was a 2 year old boxer mix.  He was a really well behaved and very playful dog.  We had a really great time with him.


The homeowners had never used a house sitter before so we spent some time with them to help them to prepare for their time away while we took care of their home and pet.  They were very hospitable and made their home very comfortable for us.

Everything went really smoothly while we were there but we were sad to leave since we will miss the dog.  The home owners have said that they are very pleased with this experience and will contact us to sit for them again.  We’ll look forward to it.

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