We are Kevin and Valerie and we want to house sit for you.  Why would you choose us for this very important task?

–   We are mature and responsible (ages 61 and 53).

–   We are honest and reliable.

–   We are financially secure.

–   We are non-smokers, healthy, fit, active, clean and well-organized.

–   We are retired and have complete flexibility with our time.

–   We have been homeowners and understand what it takes to maintain your home.

–   We can provide thoughtful and thorough care for your pets.

We both retired on the day before Thanksgiving 2010.  During our first year of retirement we traveled extensively spending several months in Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  We have used our travel blog to record highlights of our experiences.  The blog is really helpful to capture the details that we can easily forget so soon after returning.  It’s also helpful to refer certain articles to people who might be thinking about traveling to some of those areas.  We will continue to travel but we also enjoy house sitting.  This gives us a chance to visit some areas in the US that we might not travel to otherwise.

But of course, the most important part of house sitting is taking care of your home and your pets.  We know that you really don’t want to leave your pet with a kennel or veterinarian.  It’s not just the expense.  It’s upsetting to your pet because it thrusts them into an unfamiliar environment where there are other pets that are also feeling scared and disoriented.  They will be cooped up and generally not able to relax.

The other most common alternative is to have a neighbor, friend or family member come to your home once or maybe twice daily to feed and “check in” on your pet.   This is better but still means that your pet will be left alone all day and night except for a brief period.  That still leaves a great deal of uncertainty in your mind.

The best alternative is to have someone stay in your home, collect your mail, water your plants and take care of your pet or pets. This also enhances security since your house will be occupied and not likely to become a target of those who might be looking for empty houses to break into.

We hope you will consider us when you require a house sitter.  Check out our References and Recent House Sitting History.  We are honest and reliable and we believe that these are two of the most important characteristics to consider as you search for a house sitter.  Please send us a message using the form below and we will get back to you.

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