Sitting in Truckee, CA

We’re back in Truckee to house and pet sit for 2 weeks.  This time we’re looking after a very agreeable dog named Jack and a typically self sufficient cat named Foxy.


The dog is a lab mix that readily accepted us in our role as his care takers.  He has very well defined feeding times and gently lets us know when the time comes.  Foxy has her own spots to hang out during the day so we rarely see her but she’s a strictly inside dweller during this time of year.

Here in Truckee we’re conveniently close to the Northstar ski resort.  We’ve never skied at Northstar and look forward to checking it out.  We have a little new snow today and according to the weather forecast we should be getting more over the next few days.

We’ll be here in Truckee until March 3 when we will be heading to Southern California to house sit for our friends who will be departing for a great trip to Costa Rica for 2 weeks.